the selection process is a learning journey

Hi! we are yu, a recruiting consultancy firm focused on skills and culture of digital transformation

We support people and companies to follow the opportunities and navigate the challenges of this revolution, by creating and implementing connection experiences based on mutual learning, care and development.

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beyond technology

digital transformation is, above all, a cultural movement.

We focus mostly on the roles that require the unique combination of technical knowledge with soft skills: positions that may or may not be technology-based, with levels usually between Analysts and Managers.

a selection experience that is different

transparency, care and agility

We know that the selection process is stressful, as it always brings uncertainty, puts people and companies in check. In this context, transparency is not just about managing the process with greater agility and efficiency, but is also the commitment to care for time, emotional state and learning of all participants.

Real-time status tracking

Zero bureaucracy, no curriculum submission

Constructive feedback regardless of process outcome

Process data used to generate learning for all stakeholders including candidates, clients and YU

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as / is learning

A mistake without reflection and feedback is a
missed opportunity to learn.

We create selection processes and experiences that recognize protagonism in experimentation and promote the opportunity of trial and error as a source of learning. this way everyone benefits - including the candidates who don’t get hired in the end.

At yu, we proactively identify learning opportunities along all stages of the selection process, and transform these opportunities into concrete deliverables and experiences.

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